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Book Design

Measuring 11” x 13”, this sturdy, beautifully-designed hardcover, case- bound book will demand to be picked up off your coffee table.

Nerdy Details
Size: 11” x 13”
Quantity: 500
Pages: 64 + 4 Cover
Stock: 100# Uncoated Text
Ink: 2/2 (PMS Warm Red, PMS 306)
Binding: Case bound
Finishing: Satin Laminate Cover




This is a not-for-profit project, with a fundraising goal merely meant to cover a short-run publication of the hardcover book, at cost.

Printing / $ 6,400
The budget goal is based on printing 500 hardcover books. In offset printing, a fairly large minimum order is required to make printing cost-effective. We want each book to be a reasonable price, and setting a 500 unit minimum does that.

Packaging & Shipping / $ 2,250
Packaging and shipping the book + incentives have been factored into the whole price. We based the pricing estimate on media mail for a 3lb package in bubble packaging envelopes.

Incentives / $ 350
We’re keeping the incentives minimal, because we know you really just want the book and don’t want to get marked up for incentives. We have budgeted a little to bring you Why Every President Sucked coasters. If we raise more than the goal, we intend to include MORE add-ons in your order. As an added incentive, every donation over $10 will get you the digital copy of the book.

Kickstarter Fee / $ 1,000
Kickstarter takes 5% if we reach our goal, plus an additional 3% + $0.20 per pledge.

Writing & Design / $ 0
Note what you are not paying for—all the work we are doing to make this book happen. It’s a passion project dreamed up in our youth, so we are not looking to make a profit off of it.




Launch / August 10
DONE! Good start, everyone.

End Kickstarter Campaign / August 31
If we can get this fully funded in under a month, everything beyond the initial goal will go right back into the project and what you get at the end.

First Draft to Editor / September 15
The book is fully written right now, all the images have already been gathered and sourced, the website is live, and the design is coming along. By the middle of September, the whole book will be designed and ready to send to the editor.

Edits & Revisions / September 20
Our editor will get her revisions to us by the 20th, and we will promptly get to making corrections, setting the type, and making the final touches.

Send to Printer / September 25
Stanley, our friendly printer rep at Permanent Press, is ready to accept the files and put them through prepress!

Printing / October 15
Lauren has worked with Stanley for many years, and they have this printing thing down. They will go through prepress, press checks, etc. and have the books in hand by October 15.

Packaging / Late October
Once the books are in-hand, Lauren and a flock of her volunteer students will stuff and seal bubble envelopes to ship everything out to you.

In Your Hands / Early November
By this point, we know you are anxious to show off your book, and the election is just days away. We are aiming to have the book(s) in your hand early into November. We will keep in touch and get you more exact dates as we get closer.